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All on four dental implants and all-on-6 dental implants are the most common all-on-x options. A fixed prosthesis is obtained by placing the most optimal number of implants in the jawbone. After All on X implant operation, we let our patients continue their routine lives with temporary prostheses. In patients with more than one tooth loss, conditions such as bone resorption, sinus sagging, and bone deficiency can be seen over time.

We apply the All on X concept to prevent these ailments. All on x is a general terminology that includes all four on all five and all six implant treatment methods. After, All on X implant treatment, you will have a wonderful smile with a personalised smile design.

All On Four Dental Implants Treatment?

All On Four ( All on 4 ) dental implants treatment is ideal if you have lost teeth for any reason, such as health problems, accidents or advanced age. Our body is a whole, and no organ is more important than the other. Tooth loss, like the loss of another organ, is a deficiency that primarily affects our comfort in life. You can eliminate the problems caused by your tooth loss with implant treatment using the All On Four technique ( All on 4 ).

he treatment applied with this implant method offers a practical and definitive solution for patients who have significant deficiencies in their teeth, have lost all of their teeth, or have problems using removable dentures. Patients feel more comfortable, especially regarding their healthy diet, social relations and psychological state.

You are at the correct address on four dental implant techniques to get brand-new, safe teeth. Now “What is All On Four dental implants?” Let’s start with the question and look at the answers to other frequently asked questions

What is All On 4 dental implants?

All On four dental implants; It is a reliable implant method that has been used since 2003, does not require advanced surgery, and practically meets the needs of patients. It enables patients who have lost their teeth to return to their daily lives immediately. So, what is the All On 4 we will use often? This concept briefly means that only four implants are used in the treatment method.

“What is All On 4 dental implants?” or in other words, “What is All on Four dental implants?” In simple terms, it consists of the placement of a dental prosthesis made following the patient on four primary implants placed in the jawbone. Since eight or more implants are used in classical implant treatments, the desired result is easily achieved with this implant treatment, especially in patients with jawbone resorption. All-on4 dental implants technique is preferred in cases where there are no teeth or due to oral and dental health problems. Other dental treatment methods are ineffective in protecting existing teeth. In addition, compared to other implant treatments, implant treatment with the All On Four method is preferred because it is less costly.

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Who Can Have All On Four dental Implant?

Those who have lost their teeth for any reason or those whose current dental treatments cannot prevent tooth loss can have the All On 4 dental implant treatment.Implant treatment with this method is also preferred by those who are unsatisfied with the removable dental prosthesis they are currently using and have various problems.In addition, the All On 4 technique is performed by those looking for a treatment method that can be applied quickly and at a low cost in İzmir,Turkey.

What are the All On Four Dental Implants Stages in İzmir?

All On four dental implants method; it consists of determining the needs by performing a detailed examination, taking the prosthesis size, placing the dental implants, placing the prostheses and the adaptation process. All stages of this treatment are applied meticulously so that the patient does not suffer harm.

Detailed Examination and Determination of Needs:

Patients should not have any severe health problems as in classical implant treatment. Some examinations are performed before the All On Four dental implants treatment. Suppose a chronic disease such as diabetes or hypertension is determined due to these examinations. In that case, treatment should be started due to the evaluations made with the relevant specialists. For All On 4 implants treatment, the patient’s needs are determined by our specialist physicians; necessary radiological examinations are performed. If a tooth or root residues need to be extracted, procedures are performed for them. The radiology findings evaluate whether the current condition of the jawbone is suitable for All On Four dental implant treatment, and the locations of the implants are determined.

Taking the Prosthesis Size:

It is one of the essential steps for the mentioned treatment. Our experienced physicians do this process precisely so that the patient can use the fixed dental prosthesis without any problems. Our specialist physicians design the prosthesis that best suits your face shape per your wishes. At this stage, the patient determines which material the permanent fixed dental prosthesis will be made of. Prostheses are manufactured specifically for the patient in laboratories with the same precision.

Placement of Implants:

According to the patient’s demand and need, anaesthesia is performed by deciding on the appropriate type of local anaesthesia, sedation or general anaesthesia together with the anesthesiologist. Dental implants are placed in predetermined locations painlessly, 4 to each jaw. Placing the implants at the right angles in the All On Four dental implants technique is crucial. Our specialist physicians ensure that the implants placed at the back of the chin have an angle of 45 degrees and those set in the anterior part of the jaw have an angle of 90 degrees to get the best performance.

Prosthesis Placement and Adaptation Process:

In the All On 4 dental implants, the patient is not left without teeth, and temporary fixed dental prostheses are placed to be used until the actual prosthesis is inserted. After that, the process of adaptation of dental implants to the jawbone is expected for a maximum of four months under the supervision of a physician. Now is the time to get rid of temporary fixed dentures. After the final checks by our physicians, the prostheses are placed without any problems. Using the All On Four dental implants method, the patient uses permanent fixed dental prostheses safely.

What are the Benefits of All On 4 Dental Implants?

You cannot bring back time in any way, but with this implant treatment, you can get brand-new teeth that you can use safely. If time is precious to you, All On Four dental implants treatment is the method that will meet your needs in a short time. All On Four dental implant treatment, you get rid of chewing difficulties that cause nutritional disorders, eat healthily and eat whatever you want.

If experienced in classical removable prostheses, You will not experience problems such as dislocation, palate disorders, food getting under the prosthesis, or speech disorders.

All four dental implant treatments allow you to have the most beautiful teeth that suit your face with an aesthetic design. And with your new look, you renew your self-confidence, express yourself more easily, look at life positively and return to your active life.

Using this technique, implants placed in the jaw bones at appropriate angles distribute the force applied to the fixed dental prosthesis evenly during chewing. This way, you will not experience pressure and complaints on the gums. You feel like you are using your teeth.

Its cost is lower. Many implants are applied in implant treatments used with classical surgical methods. For this reason, additional surgical procedures such as sinus elevation and application bone (grafting) are needed for those who have lost the jawbone. This technique does not require an extra surgical operation since the number of implants applied is small.

Since you are not exposed to an additional surgical operation, you will experience a more effortless and short recovery period.

Cleaning and maintenance of removable dentures are laborious and take time. Dental prostheses placed using the All On Four dental implant technique are fixed and easily cleaned with a toothbrush and dental floss used for cleaning natural

What are the disadvantages of All-on-4?

All On Four dental implants treatment as long as experienced physicians perform the application. Complications will likely develop in every surgical operation and can also be experienced in All On four dental implant treatments. Our physicians inform us about this and take the necessary precautions.

There may be some temporary pain complaints during the healing process after the placement of the implants. If the patient shows the sensitivity required in using temporary dental prostheses during the fusion of the implants to the jawbone, there will be no other problems.

What is the Difference Between All On 4 and All On 6 Dental Implant Treatment in İzmir,Turkey?

All on 4, All on 6 Dental Implants treatments is the number of implants used. In the All six-implant treatment, six implants are placed in the jawbone at certain angles. This treatment can only be continued if the jawbone is sufficient. Otherwise, grafting is required, which increases time and cost. Since the number of procedures also increases, the risk may be slightly higher than the All On Four dental implant treatment.

All four dental implant techniques can also be applied to low-proficiency jawbones. In addition, the number of implants used is less. Treatment time and cost are also less. The probability of complications during the recovery period and operations is low. The risk is low. Both treatment methods are practical and functional.

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